Mini EyeBrow Remover

Precision “Pencil Tip” Brow Remover with 360° LED illumination

What is it?

The inspiration for this product is a small device that can be kept in the Handbag for “on the go” or used at home to keep eyebrows in shape between salon visits.

There are many facial hair trimmers on the market that can be used to trim facial hair and touch up eyebrows. However, most have relatively large blades and it is difficult to remove individual hairs. The concept for the MV100 came from an eyebrow pencil tip – with precision to cut individual hairs.

Enchanting Eyebrows

Hair removal re-invented,
become your better angel

Mini EyeBrow Remover

Demonstration by model

Precision "Pencil Tip" Brow Remover with 360° LED illumination

Hypoallergenic 18 Karat gold plated blade tip

The precision “pencil tip” head enables precise removal of individual eyebrow hairs quickly and painlessly


    • Remove individual eyebrow hair quickly and painlessly
    • Keep your brows looking great between threadings
    • 18K Gold-plated hypoallergenic blade tip
    • The 360 degree warm white LED illuminates the blade tip for easy use in all lighting conditions – no blind spots – targets the finest stray hair
    • Compact handbag friendly “lipstick size” design
  • The Product is battery operated (AAA battery included)

Easy to clean

Thanks to iMusthav™  product designers, this cleverly designed device is easy to clean.

We suggest you clean after each use to maintain the best performance.

AAA Battery operated

Use the device immediately

Product colour

There are three product colours: Amethyst, Crystal Blue and Crystal White


What’s in the box.

Hair removal re-invented,
become your better angel