Mini Facial Hair Remover

Perfect Hairfree Complexion Every Time

What is it?

This product is a Mini Facial Trimmer with a 13mm ring blade head in a compact handbag friendly “lipstick size” design.

Comes with a 360 degree LED illuminated bezel – so it’s easy to see even the smallest stray hair and ensure a perfectly smooth hair-free complexion every time.

become your better angel

Hair removal re-invented,
become your better angel

Mini Facial Hair Remover

Demonstration by model

 Perfect Hairfree Complexion Every Time

Hypoallergenic 18 Karat gold plated blade tip

A ring blade head. Innovative cutting-edge technology


    • Remove unwanted facial hairs precisely, quickly, and painlessly


    • A 13mm ring blade, perfect for the upper lip area


    • 18K Gold-plated hypoallergenic blade


    • 360-degree warm white LED illuminates the blade head for easy use in all lighting conditions


    • Compact handbag friendly “lipstick size” design


    • The Product is battery operated (AAA battery included)


Easy to clean

Thanks to iMusthav™  product designers, this cleverly designed device is easy to clean.

We suggest you clean after each use to maintain the best performance.

AAA Battery Operated

Use the device immediately

Product colour

There are three product colours: Amethyst, Crystal Blue and Crystal White


What’s in the box.

Hair removal re-invented,
become your better angel