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A colorful life: 10 huge celebs who quit showbiz and became politicians

We live in society and play different roles every day. It may be the role of others being children, parents, employees or bosses of a company, etc.

This week, iMusthav Editor wants to share a piece of interesting news. According to Mirror News reported that 10 huge celebs quit showbiz and became politicians, and enjoy their new role in society, chasing a colorful life!

They are:

  1. Arnold Schwarzenegger – from Movie Star to Governor of California.
  2. Cynthia Nixon – from Actor to Governor of New York.
  3. Ronald Reagan – from Movie Star to US president.
  4. Glenda Jackson – from Movie Star to the Labour MP for Hampstead and Highgate in the UK.
  5. Al Murray – from Comedian to politician in the UK
  6. Wyclef Jean – from guitar player to politician in Haiti.
  7. Imran Khan – from Athlete to politician in Pakistan.
  8. Shirley Temple – from Movie Star to US ambassador to Ghana and Czechoslovakia.
  9. Donald Trump – from businessman to TV show star to President of the United States.
  10. Kal Penn – from actor to Associate Director in the White House Office of Public Engagement.

The above ten celebrities, how many do you know?

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