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The biggest brow trends for 2021

Eyebrows have become the new must-have makeup look on the face. For a long time, the eyebrows were only shaped and trimmed so that they can deliver a normal and presentable look and add to the beauty of the eyes. However, with the changing trends in the makeup industry, as well as putting a bigger focus on the eyebrows as part of the makeup looks, eyebrow looks have become an important part of the makeup and beauty rituals of modern women.

The last few years have introduced many different looks and ways to keep up the shape and the style of the brows. Some more natural, some more dramatic, the brows trends have changed and are continuously changing, always bringing something new and interesting to try. DIY tutorials and videos have inspired many to try something new with their eyebrows, which has reflected on the brow trends for 2021.

The new brow trends for 2021 introduce relatively low brow maintenance, which means they are easy to style and care for. The newest trends put the attention on the natural shapes and colors to make them more accentuated. As the makeup trends suggest doing back to the natural looks, the brows trends follow that lead.

These are the top brow trends for 2021:

The natural brows

Of course, the first and most important trend is the natural brows which suggests completely focusing on the natural look of the brows. This look is also known as the undone brows look, which truly requires little or no effort at all.

Going back to thin brows

This trend is described as a comeback of the ’90s. Those were the times when everyone was thinking about only thin brows. Connecting to the previous trend of the natural brows, the thin brows are much more flattering to enhance because it is the way they naturally grow. Going with thin brows means that you will never have to spend the mornings making some brow art.

Sky-high brows

The feathered brows have been a very demanded and requested look for all those who were willing to do something with the look of their brows. This particular method provides a slicked-back look and fluffed-up brows. It has been very popular for a few years now, and its trendiness continues this year too, The one difference however is the look with a more natural touch.

The straight brow

Somehow, this brow shape came as an unexpected trend. The first and most obvious thing about this brow trend and look is the eye-lift effects it provides to the face. Although it might require more plucking and waxing, it is essential that you first see whether it will flatter your face and keep in mind that the brows will grow back and you will need to have your tweezers within the reach of the hand.

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