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Angelina Jolie sells Churchill painting for over USD 2.1 million

This week, iMusthav Editor wants to share a piece of celebrity news, according to Fox News reported that a painting by Winston Churchill that is a piece of both political and Hollywood history is coming up for auction, the current owner of this painting is Angelina Jolie, predicted she will sell this Churchill’s painting for over USD 2.1 million, forecasted price is 1.5 million pounds to 2.5 million pounds (USD 2.1 million to USD 3.4 million).

According to the report, the image on the painting was the 12th-century mosque in Marrakech at sunset, with the Atlas Mountains in the background, it was the only painting that Britain’s World War II leader completed during the 1939-45 conflict.

Many people know that Churchill was a famous politician, but people did not expect that he was also a keen amateur artist, an art lover! It is reported that Churchill was completed some 500 paintings after taking up painting in his 40s.

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