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Four Strangers all named PAUL O’SULLIVAN form a band

People sometimes encounter strangers with the same name and surname, but have you tried to form a team with the person who is using the same name as you?

This week, iMusthav Editor wants to share a piece of interesting news. According to CBS News reported that four strangers all named Paul O’Sullivan form a band — despite living in different cities around the world, separated from Europe and the United States.

Reported that the initiator of this band is Paul O’Sullivan, a man living in Maryland, USA. He met friends with the same name and surname through the Internet, and then formed the band with several of them.

O’Sullivan told CBS TV that he had a whim to add a Facebook user with the same name and surname as his friend, and many people agreed to his request. He learned that some of these people are musicians, who have musical hobbies like him.

So, he proposed to these music friends living all over the world to form a group. Three of them agreed. They live in Manchester, England, Pennsylvania, and Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

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