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Maintaining The Perfect Eyebrow Shape—How Busy Professional Women Can Save Time and Money Removing Facial Hair

Between work and family, setting aside time to head into the salon for hair removal doesn’t always fit into your schedule. However, there is a fast and easy way to maintain perfectly sculpted and groomed brows at home—along with other undesirable facial hair.

Precision Hair Removal
What makes the iMusthav Brow and Facial Hair Remover unique is that it has two tips. The small tip looks similar to the tip of a pencil. Being ultra-thin, you can remove stray brow hairs without disrupting the perfect shape of your brows.

The second tip is also small, but has a wider surface area perfect for removing upper lip hair, sideburns, chin hair, or any other unwanted areas of facial hair.

Both tips contain an LED light to ensure you can see even the finest or lightest of stray hairs. If you have a lighted mirror use that too, but you’ll be able to see clearly without one.

Finally, your new brow hair remover is lightweight, cordless, and rechargeable.

Pain-Free Hair Removal
Tweezing stray brow and facial hair is effective, but it’s painful. Even if you can withstand the discomfort, tweezing is time-consuming. With the dual function iMusthav Brow and Facial Hair Remover removing unwanted hair is pain-free. You won’t feel a thing!

Smooth And Clean
The 18 carat gold-plated blade to avoid triggering an allergic reaction. Hypoallergenic means a product contains few allergy-producing substances known as allergens. There’s no redness or irritation as with wax and threading, so it’s ideal for even the most sensitive of skin. Use on a clean face, and follow up with a toner, serum, moisturizer, and makeup. Sanitize and sweep away the hairs you trim away in-between use. This only takes another minute or so.

Remove Facial Hair In Minutes!
Whether it’s the end of a long day or you notice a few stray hairs before applying your morning makeup, you can clean up and remove stray facial hairs in a matter of minutes! So, not only will you have a precise, pain-free, and smooth finish—but it’s not something you’ll have to schedule into your already busy day.

Additional Tips For Maintaining The Perfect Brow Shape
Looking polished and professional is all about the details. Now that you can maintain your brow shape at home with ease, consider these other brow-defining tips.

  • Refine or update your brow shape as needed with a trip to the salon every 3 or 4 months.
  • Invest in an at-home brow kit, including a brow brush and tiny scissors to trim curly or unruly hairs that grow beyond your brow line.
  • If your brows are thin or light in color, fill them in with an eyebrow pencil, brow gel, or brow contour kit.
  • Eliminate the need for brow makeup by having your brows (and lashes) tinted every 6 weeks to make them darker and more defined.

Here’s to optimizing your time and looking and feeling your best!

Joanne Silatie is a freelance writer, foodie, and avid traveler. She shares skincare, fashion, wellness, and lifestyle to simplify her day.

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