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Why was the Mini EyeBrow Hair Remover Invented?

Eyebrows are a critical part of your face. The right eyebrow shape doesn’t the only frame and flatters your eyes, but it does a great job in enhancing your facial features. Poorly shaped brows can send the wrong impression and diminish your beauty.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to spare time to run to the salon for plucking your eyebrows. Trimming them on your own using a thread or wax is a horrible idea. The Eyebrow hair remover was invented to solve your eyebrow shaping and plucking concerns.

Read on to know what it is, how it works, and what benefits you can obtain from it.

What Is It?

It is the most versatile hair removing tool that is very compact in size. It’s like a pen that can simply be thrown into your handbag. The tip is very precise and can easily remove individual hair from the top or bottom of your brows. It has an 18k gold plated head that is hypoallergic. An LED lighted ring around the entire head ensures clear illumination for the effective removal of even the finest hair. It is battery operated using a single AAA size battery which should provide at least 6 months of normal use once per week.

How Does It Work?

The tip has many small slots where hair can enter to be removed. Bring the tip into contact with the skin and slide to the root of the hair to be removed. If it does not cut immediately rotate the unit with your fingers slightly to align the nearest slot. Practice makes perfect, so it is very useful to practice on your arm or leg hair. With just a few minutes of practice, you can gain the confidence and skill to use without inadvertently removing too much hair.  Don’t try to be loosey-goosey while shaping your brows. Patience is required to pluck your eyebrows right. You can apply tea tree oil with witch hazel post using the device to soothe your skin.

Potential Benefits


Salon treatments are expensive. With the Mini Eyebrow remover and a little practice, you can keep your brows in good shape without the cost or inconvenience of going to the salon. You just need to buy a new battery once every six months or so, depending on usage.


The Mini Eyebrow hair remover tip is so precise and is able to remove the tiniest of hair. It has far greater control than waxing, plucking, and trimming.

Safe for All Skin Types

It is safe for all skin types including sensitive skin. The 18K Gold plated tip is hypoallergenic and helps prevent irritation and skin allergies.

Painless Hair Removal

You must have experienced watering of eyes when you use a thread to pluck your eyebrows. It is definitely a painful phenomenon. But it does not happen with eyebrow hair remover. It eliminates hair accurately with no pain. The tip of the device is not sharp, so there is no chance of getting a wound or a cut.

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