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Achieve Flawlessly Smooth Skin with the DermaRazor

One of the most common beauty challenges women face is achieving and maintaining smooth, silky skin in the long term. Having hair-free legs and arms that look shiny and soft is a goal for many who value their appearance. Finding effective solutions to unwanted body hair has long been a top priority.

You may consider using a laser hair removal tool. Yes, laser hair removal is the latest technology, and it is generally considered safe and effective. However, like any medical procedure, it does come with potential side effects and drawbacks, so it still carries risks. For example, burns and blisters can occur due to improper use of laser devices or using incorrect settings.

So, this week, the iMusthav editor would like to introduce a magical device, the DermaRazor, which effectively deals with unwanted hair while delivering smooth and silky skin safely. The DermaRazor is a unique combination of an Electric Razor and a Dermaplane, which is why it is named as DermaRazor.

DermaRazor is an innovative new tool that can help address this issue. Its careful exfoliation and hair removal in a single step aims to deliver a safe, comfortable solution, unlike traditional razors. By exfoliating and whisking away hair from the surface, it strives to leave skin feeling nourished and renewed.

How does a DermaRazor work? Video:

DermaRazor’s electric format is designed for convenient use. With gentle guidance, it seeks to reveal a softer, more refined complexion without discomforts like razor burn or ingrown hairs. With consistent use following straightforward directions, it sets out to help unveil naturally touchable, hair-free skin throughout your body.


1. Charge your DermaRazor fully before first use and familiar with the device by reading its user manual (Link…).

2. Before use, wet the area you wish to shave (it is advisable to moisturise the area to be shaved 15 minutes beforehand – especially if you have dry skin.) and apply your favorite shave gel, oil, or cream. The hypoallergenic 18K gold-plated blades allow a smooth shave and are gentle on sensitive skin.

3. Turn on your DermaRazor and shave in slow, short strokes in the direction of hair growth. The electric razor will trim longer hairs first, while the dermaplane removes any remaining stubble and exfoliates dead skin cells. Make sure you are holding the head flush to the skin (as the diagram illustrated below) – otherwise, the dermaplane will not work properly.

4. Use the LED light to ensure you haven’t missed any spots. Go over areas a second time if needed for an extra close shave.

5. Rinse skin thoroughly and pat dry. Apply a moisturizer or soothing balm if desired.

6. For sensitive areas like the bikini line or underarms, switch the dermaplane attachment for the included skin guard or use the 3mm or 5mm combs for customized trimming.

7. Clean your DermaRazor after each use with the brush.

Extra tips: The dermaplane is detachable, and replacements are available online (Link…).

You’ll be left with flawlessly smooth and touchably soft skin, thanks to this revolutionary 2-in-1 electric dermaplane razor – DermaRazor! (More Product Information…| Buy it in Amazon US… | Buy it in Amazon UK…)

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