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Taylor Swift’s Mandarin Skills Leave China Amazed – But It’s All Thanks to AI

This week, we would like to share a piece of Talor Swift’s news, this fascinating story emerged recently regarding American pop star Taylor Swift and her newly revealed Mandarin speaking skills.

According to a report published in, clips of Swift conversing fluently in Mandarin went viral on the Chinese social media platform Weibo (a Platform similar to Facebook), it’s because no one assumes she can speak fluent Mandarin!

You guys can also watch it on Youtube:

In a video posted to Weibo, Swift can be seen on what appears to be a talk show, saying phrases like “Recently, I’ve been to many places, like Italy, France, and Japan” in Mandarin with a slight American accent. Since being shared on October 21st, the video has gained over six million views.

Another video showed Swift discussing songs that are “left behind” and her wish for more people to hear them. However, Swift’s language prowess was not due to her own skills – it was thanks to artificial intelligence (AI)! The videos were generated using an AI tool created by Chinese startup HeyGen.

The AI was able to sync Swift’s lip movements to make it seem like she was speaking, and replicated her voice, fooling many viewers. While some expressed amazement at the technology’s realism, others questioned its potential downsides, such as deepfakes used for fraud or spreading misinformation.

Due to copyright restrictions, only an abridged version could be shared. For the full details of this developing story, please click the link below.

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