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Are you more attractive with a mask?

The coronavirus Pandemic is still in full swing, all of us must wear the face mask, have you observed that people be more beautiful when they are wearing a face mask?

This week, iMusthav Editor would like to share a funny study related to Beauty and the Mask, according to the article from the College of Public Health of Temple University in the United States. This study was organized by researchers from Temple University’s College of Public Health and the Center for Human Appearance at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perelman School of Medicine. In this study, researchers offer photographs of 60 faces with and without wearing surgical-style masks that were rated on attractiveness, and the face photos were evaluated by approximately 500 individuals.

Finally, the results showed that Faces in the “unattractive” group saw the greatest improvement in average rating with masks on, with approximately 42 percent increases in ratings for women and men. All of the faces in the “unattractive” group were rated higher after application of a mask, compared to approximately 70 percent of the “average” faces for both women and men. Even in the smaller “attractive” group, the application of masks increased attractiveness ratings.

But why?

Question – Why someone will BE MORE PRETTY WHEN WEARING A MASK?

According to the study, the findings may have cultural and clinical implications, the researchers say. “Although the eyes and the periorbital region often are cited as the facial region that defines beauty, results from the study suggest that other facial features contribute to judgments of attractiveness, corroborating the long-held idea that beauty is a result of the harmony of facial aspects, the researchers report. The symmetry of facial features across the midline of the face, as well as the “averageness” in size and shape of discrete features, have been shown to be reliable markers of facial attractiveness, they note. If disharmonious parts, such as the nose, lips, jaw, and neck, are hidden from view, then perceptions of attractiveness increase.

Also abstracted one of the reasons from David B. Sarwer – “Many people believe that the appearance of the eyes is one of the strongest influencers of judgments of attractiveness.

From the study, it seems that take care of your eyes and eyebrow hair is quite important now! haha…


What do you think about this study? Do you agree to the findings?

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