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Denmark to introduce world’s first coronavirus vaccine passport

Over one year, the coronavirus Pandemic is still in full swing, it is very inconvenient to travel. This week, iMusthav Editor would like to share a piece of news of Coronavirus that Denmark government would like to introduce a so-called coronavirus vaccine passport, aim to allow people in/out from its country.

As reported by, Demark confirmed to introduce coronavirus vaccine passports to open up overseas travel, this coronavirus passport will be launched in a simple form by the end of this month (February 2021), it is also the first governmental immunity certification in the world.

According to the news, vaccinated Danes will be able to print a certificate from the government website. A digital version, likely a mobile phone app that could be scanned at airports, will be available in the next three to four months.

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If this solution works, I think other countries will follow this solution. That is, in future, it will be the extra passport that you will be able to have on your mobile phone, which documents that a traveler has been vaccinated.

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