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The Coronavirus Pandemic is still at full swing. Now, everyone wears face masks, and when people look at you, they will pay more attention to the areas above the nose, especially the eyes. Therefore, our products MV400 – Dual Function Brow and Facial Hair Remover and MV100 – Mini EyeBrow Remover are especially suitable for ladies passionate about beauty and love to make their eyebrows more attractive every day, especially during coronavirus.

This week, iMusthav Editor wants to share a piece of news related to Health and Beauty. If you have white or yellow bumps on your face as shown in the picture, they can be easily noticed and may affect your image. More importantly, these bumps may reflect some underlying physical health problems. So, what are those small white or yellow bumps under your eyes or on your nose or cheeks?

According to reported that those stubborn bumps are technically called milia, some tiny cysts that form under the skin. Reported that Milia may also be associated with other health conditions, certain medications, and skin trauma, such as burns, rashes, dermabrasion, and even tattoos…..

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