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Why was the Facial Hair Remover Invented?

Women have been using different facial hair removing techniques like waxing, threading, tweezing, plucking, and shaving for decades. Life has become so busy these days; we don’t find time to create a fuss for removing un-necessary hair. If I say there is a pretty little device invented for you that fits your handbag and removes hair from the roots in minutes. Will you believe that? No? Yes! It is a mini facial hair remover that resembles your lipstick.
Let’s get to know what it is, how it works, and what benefits you obtain from it.

What Is It?

It is a handy facial trimmer with a round blade head. An LED light ring is fixed around the blade that illuminates the finest hair. The head is 18k gold plated to prevent the occurrence of allergic reactions. There is a brush provided with the product to clean it after use.

How Does It Work?
It is very easy to use. You just need to keep it flat on your face and move it in circular motion. Avoid keeping it at an angle on the skin for effective removal of facial hair.

Potential Benefits

Gentle on Skin
It is a great device, suitable for all skin types. The head is not sharp, so it won’t scratch, prick or nick your skin while removing facial hair.

Long-Lasting Results
One of the best benefits of using a mini facial hair remover is that it provides long-lasting smoothness. You just need to use it once or twice a month to get silky-smooth skin.

Fine Hair Removal
If you have been waxing your hair, then you must know that you have to wait till your hair is fully grown. With mini facial hair removal, you can remove fine and short hair effectively without waiting for them to grow longer.

No Pain
You can compare mini facial hair remover with all the other hair removing techniques or tools. It is the one that removes hair without making you scream with pain. It has a built-in mechanism like a cute massaging head that tricks your nervous system to feel less pain.

No Waste Hair Removal
The Mini facial hair remover does not produce any waste materials, that may harm the environment, unlike shaving creams or waxes. The unit operates using a single AAA battery estimated to last 6 months assuming once a week facial use.

There are no additional charges making it one the cheapest hair removal options available.

Ideal for Super Sensitive Skin
People with sensitive skin always face a hard time choosing the right facial hair remover. Waxing, tweezing, hair removing creams can irritate their skin. Mini facial hair remover doesn’t rub or pull on the skin like shaving. It doesn’t cause any redness and proves a blessing for super sensitive skin.

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